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"Generation" definations:

First Generation: orignal fan in 1960s.
Second Generation: discovered the monkees in the 70s re-runs.
Third Generation: discovered the monkees in the 1987 re-runs
Fourth Generation: Discovered the monkees in the 90s
Fifth Generation: Discovered the monkees in the year 2000

If you want to be added to this page and you are a chat regular, email Vixen with your chat nick, your favorite monkee and what generation fan you are.

Chat regulars are allowed to have their own forwarding email address. If you want one and are on the list or you want one and want to be put on the list, email vixen.

Meet the Founder

  • Vixen
    Vixen is the founder (the one who set the channel up) and if you are having a problem with any of the ops or anything else, let her know. Although, Vixen doesn't always pay attention to the room (she's normally working on some webpage) she'll try to help you out if you need it. She's a third generation Monkees fan and her favorite monkee is Davy.

    Meet the Ops

    The ops are here to help you and make your chat a pleasant experience. If you have any problems, you can ask them and they will try their best to help. If you are causing a problem, they will let you know.

    You can email any op using their nick and (ie.;,, etc.)

  • BardGaijin
    BardGaijin is a mystery. He's a nice, easy going guy until you get on his bad side and then watch out. He has a low tolerance for ignorance and a great sense of humor. We often call him "Webby" in the room because...well, just because ok?
  • Channita
    Channita tries hard to be mean but, unfortunately, she's just too cute and sweet to be convincing at it. Her favorite monkee is Peter (she seems to like Peters. We call her Mrs. Peter Noone or "ChannonNoone" as well). She once was a Davy fan, but seeing Peter in person made her become a TRAITOR and switch faves!
  • Kretch
    Kretch is also a vetern op and she is also one of the nicest (but watch out for worfana). She's easy to talk to and eager to make your visit as nice as it can be. She's a 1st generation Monkees fan. Her favorite Monkee is Peter (but it was Mike at one time). Some people call her "Bonnie" in the chat.
  • Magnolia
    Magnolia is another new op. She is a good op with a touch of evil. Always willing to help (and to defend Peter Tork and the Shoe Suede Blues) she's a great person to come to with questions or if you just want a great Peter story.
  • Torky
    Torky is a 3rd generation monkees fan. She knows her stuff, especially PIRCH, and is willing to help you figure things out. Her other music interests include Duran Duran (specifically John Taylor) and her favorite Monkee is (duh) Peter.

    Meet the Regulars

  • Ala
    Generation: 3rd : Fave Monkee: Peter

  • Cara
    Generation: 1st : Fave Monkee: Micky

  • Carlisle
    Generation: 3rd : Fave Monkee: Peter

  • Daye
    Generation: 3rd : Fave Monkee: Peter

  • Dee
    Generation: 2nd : Fave Monkee: Mike

  • Enjoue (french name, not french person:-)
    Generation: 2 1/2 : Fav Monkee: Mike

  • Occy
    Generation: 3rd : Favorite Monkee: ??

  • Paige21
    Generation: 3rd : Fave Monkee: Peter

  • tapeman (Tape says he's seen the Monkees in four decades from '67-'97 and his shoe size is 10 1/2. Stand back ladies!)
    Generation: 1st : Fave Monkee: Mike with Peter a strong second.

  • scorp11764
    Generation: 1st : Fave Monkee: Micky

  • Sideburns
    Generation: 2nd : Fave Monkee: Mike

  • Torka
    Generation: 1st : Fave Monkee: Peter

  • Westy
    Generation: 2nd : Fave Monkee: Mike

  • Woolhat
    Generation: 3rd : Fave Monkee: Mike

  • Xen
    Generation: 3rd : Fave Monkee: Peter (and Carmen Sandiego)

    Meet the Chatters We Only Keep Around for Our Amusement

    These chatters aren't monkees fans but have been forced...I mean, invited to chat by various monkees fans who are regulars and ops.

  • Bren
    Bren is Daye's hubby". He is not a monkee fan but has a weird sense of humor that most of #mcers like (well, ok we tolerate him :-).

  • Snakeboy
    I'm pretty sure snakeboy is a fan by now as he's been taken to enough concerts but he is Kretch's hubby, John. We talk about him a lot and he used to chat with us while Bonnie was recovering from back surgery. You'll have to figure out why we call him snakeboy.