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Even the grooviest place in cyberspace has to have rules to keep it groovy! We only have a few, and I think these rules just enforce common sense and netettiquite! We have LESS THAN a dozen rules. This is not too many! This is not a rule overload. Some of the rules are because of Federal law and Network regulations (meaning we didn't make them up ourselves, bigger powers did).

We don't have many problems and we rarely kick anyone. Most people who come on to talk monkee talk don't have to worry about breaking any of the rules. But we do have the occasional irritating troublmaker! Some of the rules are explained in more detail in the FAQ's

If you want to study up offline, the rules and faq are available on autoresponder. Just emial and you'll get a copy.

    No illegal activity No tape trading, bootlegging, or anything else that is restricted by law. We don't want Nez sueing is do we?
    No flooding This is filling the channel with useless garbage. Often over and over and again. Such as repeating on letter, a symbol, or words, or even quoting song lyrics on a crowded chat. You will be warned if you flood, and kicked if you continue. Examples (which will show you why we don't allow it, annoying isn't it?):
    <vixen>i love davy
    <vixen>i love davy
    <vixen>i love davy
    <webby>aslkjdfh sakljdfhg dsfjkhgn lskdfjnr lksdfnj lksdfnb sdkfbv dkfjh dklfgjh dlkfgjh
    skdfh1 sdkfjhg kdsjfgh kjdsfh kdjsfh kdsjf dsjkf jdsfkhg kdsjfhv gdkjsfhg djkfhg dkjfh
    No Age/Sex/Location checks Giving out personal information on IRC is not wise and it is illegal to ask for personal info for those under 13. A lot of monkeeschatters are under 13 so we don't let anyone ask (saying "A/S/L? But don't tell me if you're under 13!" would defeat the purpose). Don't think you're safe because it's a monkees room. We've had a few "nice chatters" who turned out to be real perverts.
    No cloning This is having one person with two connections from the same modem using different nicks and talking to themselves. We don't care to be a part of your multiple personality disorder and you will be kick/banned for this without warning. It is a obvious attempt to cause trouble and against Network rules (not just room rules). You have to do what the network says or else!
    No advertising This means no advertising other chats, webpages, or anything else including merchandise (even it is monkee related!). If you have a webpage or a chat and someone asks about it, feel free to give the URL. Just don't make selling or advertising your main reason to come on the chat.

    Advertising also includes PMing people your URL. This is against Network rules.
    No Begging for ops I consider all people who beg for ops potential troublemakers. If you continially asks for ops then you will be banned.
    USING ALL CAPS IS PROHIBITED It equals shouting. And is hard to read.
    Keep the language clean Remeber that there are monkee fans from 7 to 77. We often have 9-13 year olds on chat during the day. Keep that in mind when you choose your words and/or subject matter.
    No rudeness This is my all purpose rule to make sure the channel is a friendly place. If you are causing trouble, but not violating any of the above rules, you will be warned.