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For those of you who are confused as to what #monkeeschat is, here's a little rundown. We are not a "monkees" only room (in fact, the only time we ever talk about the monkees is if one is on television or in concert or a newbie is in the room). We are a room about monkees fans getting together and having fun.

That's not to say we don't like to talk about the monkees or that the monkees are not allowed, that would be silly! We love to talk monkees! Most of us have just exhausted the topics.

I hope you'll find that you have much more in common with the people in the room than the band that brought everyone together! We're more like a cyberfamily than a chat room. Yes, yes, I know...that sounds corny, but it's true. We share each others troubles and joys and many have made long lasting friendships in the room. Don't be intimidated though. It may sound like we are unwelcoming to new folks, but we meet new and wonderful friends everyday! Our "family" just keeps growing (and we love it!). So come on in, pull up a cyber bean bag, pour yourself a glass of kool-aid, and hang out with us! You'll probably have fun.

You might should read the tutorial first, or the FAQ...but just by reading this, you're off to a good start!