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This is a quick and simple "tutorial" to make your chatting experience a happy one. We ops sometimes get a bad reputation of being "mean" and "nasty" because people don't follow the rules and don't get the flow of the room. Really, all of our rules are simple netettiquette and are just in place to make sure everyone has a good time, including you! We don't want to exclude anyone of any age. So, here are a few quick pointers to help your first chat go smoothly. This shouldn't take much time to read. These are not the rules, but, for newbies, I think these pointers are equally important.

  • Observe the room first. This is a very simple way to avoid getting kicked out. We get many newbies who don't seem to understand how the room atmosphere is and get mad because it's not like the other chat's they've been to. We pride ourselves here at #mc for being different than most other chats. We are a close knit "family" and yes, some of us know each other well, but that doesn't mean you can't join in! But, first, you should sit back, get used to the atmosphere and find your bearings. Don't insult us or try to tell us how to run the room and how chat "should be". We like it the way it is :-)

  • We don't talk about the monkees all the time This is in the FAQ to, but I can't tell yo how many newbies get frustrated because they come in and we are talking about something else. We will gladly talk monkees most of the time if we have something monkees to talk about (we are all fans), but don't "order" us to talk about the monkees or call us "not true fans" because we aren't. The monkees aren't doing a whole lot to talk about and most of us have other interests and real lives that we like to chat about as well. But, if you want to talk about the concert you just saw, just mention it at a good point in the conversation (but don't interupt someone who is talking about something they feel is important to say "I love Davy" :-). Someone is bound to pick up that you are new and want to talk monkees monkee monkees and be more than willing to oblige a little actual monkeeschat. Look at the chat as a real life conversation between friends. You wouldn't yell "DAVY!!!" at your friends if they were talking about their new hairdo would you? Give us the same respect.

  • Listen to the ops (the people with @ symbols). We are not here to harass you and make your life miserable, we are here to help you. We don't tell you to stop doing something because we are on a power trip and want to show you who is boss. We tell you to stop because we don't want to kick you out. We want you to have a good time (just not at the expense of others and if you are violating one of our rules, your good time is at other's expense). If an op asks you to do this or stop that, just do it. Don't argue with them in the chat if they ask you to "follow a rule" and don't tell them the rule is stupid. If you have a problem with them and you think they were "picking on you" unfairly, email the founder and tell her. If you argue with an op about a rule or a warning in the room, you'll more than likely end up banned. It's better just to let it go for now and just have fun!

  • Be Yourself This is very important. We've gotten a few people who come in and make up stories about who they are and what they do and try to impress us. We can normally see right through the stories and we wonder what the person has to hide. We normally just ignore them or kick them out. But, if you are honest we'll probably like you. We have all types of people in #monkeeschat. People from different ages, backgrounds, jobs, religions...we have all kinds here. There is bound to be at least one person in the room who will have similiar experience and backgrounds as you. We'll like your true personality better than anything you make up.

  • *****The most important thing***** Come on in and have fun! Please don't be intimidated by our close knit group. Many people think they will never fit in because some of us have been friends for so long, but you will! Just be yourself, respect the other chatters, respect the rules, and don't be timid and you'll have a groovy time. We are normally very friendly and are more than willing to lend you a helping hand, but sometimes new people can be intidmadated anyway. Don't worry, "you'll soon be one of us" (scary thought :-)